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"Oye Hoye" moment ho gaya!

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Don’t you have these times when the song you’re singing all day quite randomly plays somewhere and you go like “Ooyyyyyyyeeeeee! I’ve bin singing that all day”!!

So, I was listening to the classic “Darde dil dardey jigar” from Subhash Ghai’s Karz on the radio while driving to work today. It so happens to me that a particular song usually sticks with me. No seriously, yesterday I was busy humming Dhoom’s “Dilbara Dilbara Apun ki tu, apun tera” just cause I had used it in an edit yesterday! :p

And today it was “Dardey Dil” that was on the humming playlist. So when I got into my car after work and tuned on the radio the first lines I heard were “Aur thodi der mein bas, hum judaaaa ho jayegeinnnn”….and I went like “Oye hoyeee, Dardey Dil”!!!

I know it’s not much of a biggie. But something like this happened after real long. Cool tha! 🙂


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