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“Whoa, that’s great! Where’d you get it from??” While the essential, excited question always remain the same, the answer has changed dramatically over the past few years and how.

Lately, I’ve simultaneously educated, enlightened, and experienced for myself the joys of online shopping. Eeeyup. At the risk of sounding like a shopaholic girl, I must confess that I’ve acted like Rambo on rampage on every e-shopping site available.

When Chayanika, a friend at a previous workplace once asked me which of her two shortlisted dresses was a better choice, I gave her the twisted expression and talk-to-the-hand. What’s so wrong with that you ask? Nothing. Except at the time these dresses were being displayed to me on a computer screen. And back then, I thought that the entire notion of checking a dress or a pair of shoes is ridiculous!

I mean seriously. A) You do not ask a dude to decide flowery dresses B) Why choose something you can’t immediately buy? You don’t even know how it fits!

Then another friend, Pratik proudly declared how he was hooked to these online shopping sites even at the risk of running a high credit. The idea seemed crazy. But I did manage to see some of the good purchases he made and that too on steal away prices.

Things changed when Naina, another friend and co-worker decided to preach the brilliance of online shopping. Deal was I did want to buy some T-shirts and a pair of shoes. Wouldn’t do no harm if I did a bit of digital browsing now would it?

It’s amazing how curiosity and laziness backed by ease of service can get you hooked to something like online shopping. Not to mention there ain’t no over-eager pesky salesman waiting to help the bejesus out of you.

So between work and procrastination I found myself scrolling through scores of Shoes and T-shirts. There were so many of this. At throw-away prices! And you get free credits! Hold on! This didn’t actually look so bad!

I was hooked. Everytime I saw something and go ‘Whoa’, Naina would give me what I can only describe as a victorious and gleeful “Oh-my-god-I’ve-created-a-monster” smile.

So like Di Gama and Columbus I sailed my ship towards the prosperous shopping lands of Myntra, Jabong, Fashion&You, Zovi, Freecultr etc etc

Over the course of a week I’ve bought 3 T-shirts, a pair of mocassins and a pair of canvas shoes. I also checked out some geek eyewear and bought em pretty quick.

I got…You take!!

But as much as I love these purchases I also have this scary sense of being addicted to a digital platform for shopping. I mean everywhere and all the time, we’re constantly sucked into this digital whirlpool of life and times. With life and work so greatly exposed on social platforms it would be cool to keep somethings old fashioned.

It’s great what I found on these shopping websites. But I would always want to live and experience the process of going into a shop and buying stuff.

So while Facebook decides to show me a pair of loafers strategically placed in the sidebar to grab my fancy, and Naina tells me about the new Calvin Klien collection at FashionandYou, I’ll just pass and wait for a sale at the market. Unless these sites can bribe me with a god awesome discount! 😉


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